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Assistant Professors
Chung-Lin Chang [ 2010-11-10 ]

NameChung-Lin Chang

PositionAssistant Professor

EducationMaster in Mechanical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University

SpecialtiesAutomatic control , system of dynamics

Contact +886-5-6315430

e –

Lab: Lab


Jiong-Shiun Hsu [ 2010-11-10 ]

NameJiong-Shiun Hsu

PositionAssistant Professor

EducationPh. D. in Power Mechanical Engineering, National Tsing Hua University

SpecialtiesEngineering Mathematics,  Mechanics of Materials , Elasticity

Contact +886-5-6315409

e –

Lab : Optical Measurement Lab

Cho-Pei, Jiang [ 2010-11-08 ]

NameCho-Pei, Jiang(江卓培)

PositionAssistant Professor

EducationPh. D. in Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

SpecialtiesBiomedical Engineering, Rapid prototyping and rapid tooling, Metal micro-forming, Finite element analysis

DesignContact +886-5-6315425

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Shou-Yin, Yang [ 2010-11-08 ]

 NameShou-Yin, Yang

Position: Assistant Professor


EducationPh. D. in Mechanical Engineering, National Central University, Taiwan

Postdoctoral fellowships, Princeton University, USA

SpecialtiesThermal Science, Energy Technology

Contact +886-5-6315432

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Chin-Chung, Wei [ 2010-11-08 ]
Name: Chin-Chung, Wei

Position: Assistant Professor

Education: Ph. D. in Mechanical Engineering, National Cheng-Kong University
Specialties: Accuracy Positioning Mechanism, Tribology, Surface Modification and Micro-nano Mechanical Measurement

Contact :+886-5-6315414;+886-5-6315406

e – mail: