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To foster the excellent power mechanical engineering students, the course structure is based on four research fields, as following:

1. Thermal, Fluid and Energy Technology: Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Turbines, Tribology, Internal Combustion Engine, Engineering Heat Transfer, Electronic Equipment Cooling, Hydraulic Machine, Air Pollution and Its Prevention, An Introduction of Energy, Power Plants, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning.

2. Design and Manufacturing of Transmission System: Computer-Aided Design, History of Ancient Machines, Mechanical Manufacturing, Dynamics of Machinery, Introduction of Transmission, Numerical Analysis, Mechanism Design, Transmission System Practice, CNC Machine Tools Design and Manufacture, Transmission System Design, Gear Design and Manufacture.

3. Mechatronics Engineering and Creativity: Mechatronics of Special Courses Program, Innovation and Creativity of Special Courses Program, Applied Electronic, Creative Thinking Skill, Creative Mechanism Design, Mechanical Element Design, Introduction to Microcontroller, Creative Engineering Design, Automatic Control, Automobile, Mechatronic System Practice, Sequential Control.

4. Micro system and Biomechanism: Fundamental of Optics and Devices, Image Process, Introduction in Medical Engineering, Material Science, Digital Electronics, Novel Medical Assistive Mechanism Design, Fundamental of Micro Electric Mechanical System, Reliability Engineering, Nano Technology, Introduction of Semiconductor Manufacturing Process.